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    How Septic Systems Function (And What Causes Them To Fail)

    Contrary to what most people believe, septic systems are one of the best choices for treating household wastewater.

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    Certain products and services can help you to protect your septic system from failing and may even get your failing system going again.

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fail sign27 Sep

The Impact Of Failing Septic Systems On Our Environment

Investing in infrastructure, a country can develop and grow. But there is more to it than just building streets and bridges, railway tracks or sewage systems. Infrastructure also has to be properly maintained. In the US, we are great at building out our infrastructure, but we lack the skills, money and willingness for the maintenance […]

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phone receiving emails2 Sep

A Selection Of The Best Emails I Have Received

Over the last few years I have received hundreds of emails from people that like the way I deal with the pinheads and I just got a fresh one that I think you will like! So here are a few for your reading pleasure: Mom, Dad, We’ve got problems! Email: I have a very important […]

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Septic tank systems are usually found in rural areas. The reason being that, even today, not all households in the country are connected to a sewerage system. ‘Septic’ means that bacteria develop in the tank of each system, which decompose the waste in an environment that lacks oxygen. If you want to learn more about the functioning of septic systems, you can do so here.

Because sludge accumulates faster than it decomposes, it must be removed regularly, otherwise your system might fail. In order to protect your septic system from failing, there are a number of services and products that I recommend. You can find a list of them here.


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