Why can't our government help us with this garbage

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Think you get a lot of spam…when you have your own domain the problem gets far worse.  I would get spam addressed to,,, etc…and they would go right through the alphabet.  At one point I was getting almost 3,000 junk emails a day!

I was all set to buy an email filter program (for several hundred dollars) but called my hosting service first.  They helped me setup a junk folder and unless it was addressed directly to me it would go into this folder and never reach my inbox.  My spam dropped to about 500 a day immediately.  Now with the additional filters my internet provider uses it is down to about 100 a day.  Far better but still a hassle (and occasionally those filters pick-off some of my legitimate emails).

I don’t mind getting a few “junk” emails from time to time; in fact some are pretty interesting.  But guess what, there are a lot I have no interest in…I don’t play the st0ck market, don’t plan on refinancing my m0rtgage and have no desire to buy some w0nder weight1oss drug from some company that can’t even spell right (if they can’t spell how am I going to trust them to send me the right drugs).  And then you have the ones that are totally inappropriate, like youung sluuts, bre@st and pen1s enlargement. 

The reason I say inappropriate is because kids are getting these emails as well and although we would like to think our children are honest enough to not click on these ads when the little warning comes up “do not enter this site if you are under the age of 18” guess what…they do enter it.  Now I am not a prude, just ask my wife, but I don’t think it is a wise idea for 13, 14, 15 year old kids to see the sexual fantasies of a 46 year old adult male displayed in full color. 

Kids that age don’t realize this is not real life and start thinking lesbianism and unprotected sex with someone you meet on the street is normal.  It’s not normal…but if you are seeing this all day long on the internet you start to think it is.  If you really want to be shocked order up a few copies of “Girls Gone Wild.”  You will think twice before picking up the tab to send your daughters off on spring break.      

Don’t think kids do things they regret?  There is a lawsuit pending now against Playboy from a 22 year old woman that when she was 16 entered and won a wet tee shirt contest.  Now 6 years later (as an adult) her neighbor said he saw her on a video and she feels this exposure will hurt her credibility…but she didn’t think about that when she was a kid. 

And look at poor Miss Nevada...she was 17, had a lapse in judgment (exposing herself and kissing other young women) and those photos have come back to haunt her costing her the title.  Now she wants the public to know this was an isolated incident that occurred more than five years ago when she was a minor.  Gee, maybe you should have thought ahead before you did it.  Of course a lot of people say she should get a second chance, but what kind of message does that send to other kids..."Do whatever you want, then when/if it ever comes back to bite you all you have to do is turn on the tears, say you are sorry and everything will be fine."  Sorry kids, that's not the way the real world works.  


The US government has used wire and mail fraud to nail some big time criminals…organized crime types that had committed murder, kidnapping, etc. but were too slippery to convict, so prosecutors used these lightweight crimes to put them away (Al Capone murdered dozens of people but got put away for income tax evasion). 

Why can’t they use wire and mail fraud laws to nail the pinheads that clog our inboxes with garbage?  I’m not talking about the legitimate spammers that do it right and you can create message rules to keep them out…I’m referring to the ones that use fraudulent methods to get around spam rules, misspelled words, use numbers in place of letters, subject lines that have nothing to do with the message, type in gibberish, use pictures instead of words in the body, etc. 

I know these people make it very difficult and time consuming to follow their tracks but there are plenty of geeks that get pinched for hacking and spreading viruses, put these people to work.  As part of their punishment they could spend their days tracking and identifying the spammers and once you catch them drop the hammer hard (the word is, there only a few dozen/hundred spammers that are sending the majority of the spam).   

These people are using fraudulent means to get into our inboxes and they are using the wires to do it.  Quit letting a few people walk all over the rest of us…get busy.     

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