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This page will give you an overview of products/services that can help you protect your septic system from failing and may even get your failing system going again.

Septic systems are science, not folklore. Don’t believe it when the somebody tells you to throw yeast, brown sugar or dead chickens in the tank. These tricks can actually hurt your system.

Think about this…in most cases when a septic system fails it’s not the tank that fails, it’s the drainfield that fails. And the drainfield fails because the soil gets plugged-up with solids and will no longer allow water to pass through it. Pretty simple isn’t it. One of the best ways to prevent solids from plugging the soil is by using filters (gee, that was a tough one). Washing machines are a leading source of the solids that plug drainfields.

A typical family discharges enough lint every year to carpet a living room floor! Lint screens and nylon socks trap less than 5% of these contaminates. These minute particles, because they are so small and light, do not have the necessary mass to settle in the tank, rather they stay in suspension and are flushed out to the drainfield where they actually plug-up the pores of the soil bed.

Cotton and wool will eventually breakdown (if you stop using the system for a few years and let nature go to work) but most of our clothing and carpeting is now manufactured with synthetics, polyester, nylon etc. Septic systems do not breakdown plastics! Once these non-organic materials enter the drainfield, there is no way to remove them.
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This filter has been featured on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and FOX news broadcasts around the country. Entire communities, prisons, Laundromats are using this filter and many contractors are automatically including it with every system they install. Some have already written it into their code* requirements. Why? Because it works (and they are realizing it is far easier to prevent a system from failing than to get someone to pay thousands of dollars to replace a failed system)! With those costs running $5,000 to more than $20,000 the FILTROL 160 is cheap insurance to protect your wallet and your property.

But lint is more than just an (expensive) inconvenience to septic system owners; every year cities pay millions of dollars to repair the damage lint does to their treatment plants and sewer mains. However it is more than just money; lint is getting through these treatment plants, flushed down rivers (even people in Montana are flushing down the Missouri River to the Gulf of Mexico) where the small aquatic animals are eating it; the game fish eat them and we eat the game fish. That means it is getting into our food supplies.

It’s for these reasons this filter is being written into the code* requirements.

To order the Filtrol 160 visit the exclusive distributor for the only true washing machine filter on the market.

But like their name says, SEPTIC SAFE. A washing machine filter (along with common sense and maintenance) is one of the smartest things you can do to protect your system from failing, but there are other steps you can and should take; like the types of detergents, soaps and cleaning agents you use, additives, even the type of toilet paper. Until now finding these products was a major headache. Not all stores carry what you should be using and going from one website to another could turn into a half day affair. SepticSafe has made it easy for you by stocking these items on one convenient site. What you need is just a click away, so what are you waiting for…get clicking



Like effluent filters, soil fracturing, soil amenders, alternative systems, septic heaters, etc.

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Tip: If you are going to be throwing any summer parties (Fourth of July, Labor Day, Memorial Day, graduation party, etc.) rent a porta-potty. They will only cost you $50-$100 and not only will you be protecting your septic system, you will keep inebriated idiots out of your house and in the yard where they belong! For entertaining over the winter Holidays, have the tank pumped just before a big get together (and an effluent filter installed in the tank) and/or try to get as much of the water use (cleaning) out of the way a few days before the people show up.

Tip: Do you have a water softener? These devices can put several hundred gallons of water down the drain every week that is not contaminated and does not need to go through the treatment process. Up-grade your softener with a newer efficient model that uses less water and regenerates on demand (when you use x number of gallons of water) instead of a timer system that regenerates whether you use water or not. You can also install a mini-septic system for your softener.

By the way, if someone tells you that these products are not necessary consider the source and motive. Although most septic contractors care about their customers, I have had some say they don’t want these products sold because they want those system to fail guaranteeing future work (look on the articles page for more on this problem).