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Dear Readers,

my name is Chris Strohmeyer, 54 and I am a building contractor from Sherburne County, Minnesota. I want to give you a very warm welcome on septicprotector.com!

Throughout my career I’ve worked for many companies, the local government and environmental protection associations as a septic tank system specialist and want to provide my knowledge to you for free via the means of this website.

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The Importance of Protecting your Septic Tank System

Roughly one quarter of the people living in North America rely on septic tanks for domestic wastewater treatment, because their houses aren’t connected to a public sewerage system. Most septic tanks can be found in rural areas, but also in small towns and even suburbs.

In a septic tank system, complex anaerobic processes reduce organic materials. In many cases, the treated liquid is then disposed into a drain field for further treatment. If you don’t pay attention to what substances end up in your septic tank, the system might get damaged beyond repair and cause groundwater pollution.

What’s more, if a septic system fails, it’s usually not the tank that fails, but the drain field, because the soil got plugged-up with solids that don’t decompose and water can’t dissolve any longer.

There are a couple of solutions to protect your septic tank systems and make sure that it will last for decades to come. Many of them are subject to this website…

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